The Sinneave Family Foundation

The Sinneave Family Foundation (Sinneave) is a registered charity, created in 2008 to address the challenges experienced by emerging adults with autism.

During the 1990’s a large number of children were diagnosed with autism, and a significant focus on early diagnosis and intervention began which continues to benefit many young children and their families today.  However, as the increasing number of children with autism transition to adolescence and adulthood, they face a “supports cliff” where the resources necessary to meet their lifelong and changing needs are scarce or non-existent.  When individuals with autism do not have support through the transition to adulthood, they face increased challenges to reaching their desired life outcomes.

Sinneave’s vision is that individuals with autism are supported in the transition to adulthood to realize their highest quality of life.

Sinneave aims to build a case that will influence practice and policy discussions and result in improved outcomes for emerging adults with autism.

Our work includes providing services and collaborating with partners in activities focused on enhancing transition support, sharing promising practices, building system capacity and fostering policy development in the areas of continuing education, employment, and independent living.

We aim to be collaborative, respectful, innovative, and accountable in our work, promoting confidence in Sinneave as an ethical, credible, and trusted advisor and facilitator in the field of autism. We use our collective impact for sustainable change.

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