Launch™ is a trademark that relates to transition planning activities and materials for emerging adults on the autism spectrum developed at Sinneave. This document outlines the acceptable use of Launch™ materials by third parties.

The materials and activities include:

Prepare to Launch – A Resource Guide©

The Resource Guide was designed with core content that relates to transition planning and includes a resources appendix that contains geographically relevant material and resources.

Launch into Life! Workshop©

The workshop series was created as one method of connecting with families in person to build awareness of the need and importance of transition planning and to work through the process of transition planning using the Prepare to Launch Resource Guide.

Launch into Life! Facilitator Manual©

The Facilitator Manual was created to bring together various tools and worksheets used by Sinneave, for anyone developing a workshop style approach to supporting parents and individuals in transition planning. The Manual does not intend to suggest that this is the only approach to conducting a workshop or supporting families.

*Permission to use the Launch™ logo only extends to materials described in the licence agreement.



Launch™ materials and activities are intended to provide information and navigation support to individuals and families to help support the transition to adulthood by:

  1. Helping families create individualized transition plans that improve their ability to prepare for and negotiate transitions to and through adulthood in the (5) domain areas.
  2. Navigating families to community resources and tools to achieve goals.
  3. Connecting families to each other and creating an ongoing support network.

Acceptable Use of Materials and Processes

Launch materials and activities are free to use either personally or in a group setting, and can be adapted to suit your local geography.   For personal use, no license is required.  For group settings, a free licence is required.  A simple and quick process is outlined below that will allow you to access or adapt these materials.


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