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Problem Behavior: Why Does It Happen And What To Do About It

February 21, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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52 out of 70 available Problem Behavior: Why Does It Happen And What To Do About It

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Have you wondered why someone uses problem behavior, even when they “know better”? What motivates someone to use problem behavior? In this workshop, participants will learn: a) the simple reasons why people use problem behavior, b) how to determine why someone you know uses problem behavior, and c) a variety of practical strategies to promote the use of more positive behavior. This workshop will be useful for family, as well as professionals.

Presenter Bio: Dr. Shane Lynch (Special Education) is a Registered Psychologist and the Director of Professional Practice and Evaluation for the Sinneave Family Foundation. He oversees the Launch+Skills program as well as the Resource Centre. Prior to coming to Sinneave, Shane was in clinical practice for over 20 years serving families, schools, and agencies as they supported individuals with severe and complex behavior.

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