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Virtual Workshop: Taming Anxiety Gremlins: Avoiding anxiety traps while promoting resilience

June 11, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Please Note: This workshop is ‘virtual’, and will be made available FREE and LIVE ONLINE via CES Webinar. Please visit link below to register your virtual seat!




Workshop Overview:

Taming Anxiety Gremlins: Avoiding anxiety traps while promoting resilience

Anxiety is at epidemic levels among children, teens, and adults. Individuals with ASD also have a high risk of developing anxiety. In this workshop, participants will learn about the nature of anxiety and how traditional ways of offering help may unwittingly worsen anxiety. Participants will also learn effective tools to help individuals manage anxiety to promote their resilience and overall well-being.


Presenter Bio:

Dr. Caroline Buzanko is a Registered Psychologist who has worked with individuals with autism and their families for 20 years. She also specializes in the assessment and treatment of learning difficulties, ADHD, giftedness, anxiety, and more. She facilitates various therapeutic groups and presents various workshops on autism, ADHD, anxiety, and behaviour management across North America. Dr. Buzanko also works regularly with school and community agencies, along with children, teens, and their parents.


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