iPad’s have proven to be a very powerful tool for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to enhance independence, increase communication and create a better overall quality of life. Our program was created last fall to help meet the needs of low income individuals within the ASD community, which were desperately seeking access to an iPad. Over the past 11 months, we were able to gift 18 new and gently used iPads to deserving individuals, thanks to the very generous donations from our local community.

Recently, we were introduced to Kim (not her real name). An amazing 14 year old with ASD who can only make a few limited sounds making it very difficult to understand her needs. Her family income is less than $24,000 a year and they were having difficulty putting food on the table – purchasing an iPad was not an option.

Moments after receiving an iPad from our program, she was able to communicate with her mom for the first time. That alone was powerful, but what she typed touched the hearts of everyone in the room… “tooth hurts”. This poor young girl had had a toothache and until that moment was helpless to express her need to anyone. The iPad gave her the one thing her body could not, a voice.

This year, we would like to celebrate Christmas by donating an iPad to a family in need every day in December leading up to Christmas day. Not only would this be a wonderful gift to find wrapped under the tree but it is also an opportunity to open up someone’s world to infinite new opportunities.

How can you help?

In order to reach our goal we will need to collect 19 more iPads or $10,400. Please consider making a donation to our program. Every donation helps, big or small.

To make a financial contribution or to donate a new or gently used iPad or iPod please visit iPad Bursary Program page on The Ability Hub website.

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