iPad’s have proven to be a very powerful tool for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to enhance independence, increase communication and create an better overall quality of life. Our program was created in fall of 2013, to help meet the needs of the many low income individuals within the ASD community, which were desperately seeking access to an iPad. Over the past 2 years, we were able to gift 58 new and gently used iPads to deserving individuals, thanks to the very generous donations from our local community.

Recently, we were introduced to Jacob [*not his real name]. A vivacious 5 year old with ASD who was struggling with communication making it very difficult for his parents and caregivers to understand his needs. His families income is less than $22,000 a year and they were having difficulty putting food on the table – purchasing an iPad was not an option. 

Jacob’s SLP approached us about our iPad bursary program after seeing an enormous improvement in his ability to communicate and a reduction in both anxiety and frustration after working with him on the iPad. Jacob loved using the communication app and was proud to share his thoughts with his classmates and family. After hearing his story we were excited to gift Jacob an iPad of his own that will give him the one thing his body could not, a voice.

This year, we would like to celebrate the holiday season with the 12 days of iPads. Starting on December 1st , we will begin surprising 12 individuals (applicants of our program) with the wonderful news that they will be one of this years holiday recipients.

Not only will this be a wonderful gift to find wrapped under the tree but it is also an opportunity to open up someone’s world to infinite new opportunities.

To learn more, or to donate a new or gently used iPad or iPod, visit the Holiday iPad Bursary Program page.

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