Each month we highlight an AIDE Canada resource that ties into the work we do here at Sinneave. In recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8, this month’s feature highlights a toolkit of resources about and for autistic women.

This toolkit is intended to inform educators, parents and yet-to-be diagnosed females, transgendered and non-binary individuals about how the presentation of autism is different from males. It looks critically at the diagnostic tools and classification system that promote the male phenotype of autism, often resulting in autistic women being overlooked in diagnosis.

To view the toolkit, click the button below.

Autism: It’s Not Just for Males Anymore

In addition to the resources on their website, AIDE Canada offers a Canada-wide Borrow by Mail service where library items are shipped across the country free. Sinneave’s library collection can be accessed through this service. Click on the words BORROWING LIBRARY to view the catalogue. There, you can find books specific to autistic women like:

Autism and Masking






Taking off the Mask






Camouflage: the hidden lives of autistic women






Did you know that Sinneave has introduced a monthly group just for women? This free, one-hour Exploration Session aims to discuss issues that specifically relate to and are important to women in a safe and welcoming environment. Our next women’s group is Thursday, March 30. You can find out more about this group by clicking on the words WOMEN’S GROUP.


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