As the weather begins to cool in November many of us take for granted and enjoy the warmth and security of our own homes. However, for some Autistic adults, a safe and affordable home may be unattainable.

November 22 is National Housing Day in Canada. This is a day to recognize the important work done by housing partners across Canada to improve access to housing for everyone. The Sinneave Family Foundation is committed to improving housing outcomes for Autistic adults and offer a variety of resources to assist them, their support networks, service agencies and housing providers in reducing barriers to safe, secure and affordable housing.

This month’s AIDE Canada resource highlight is a toolkit for housing. Housing is important – our home is where we live much of our daily life. It should be a place of community, safety and enjoyment. Determining the ideal type of housing and environment can be challenging, especially as autistic youth and individuals with intellectual disability move into and through adulthood. It is critically important that housing options are available, offer the support that is needed by an individual, and are affordable and sustainable.

This toolkit offers an overview of supported housing options for autistics along with examples of resources in several Canadian cities. You can view the resource on AIDE Canada’s website by clicking the button below that reads, “Housing Toolkit.”

Housing Toolkit

We invite to you mark National Housing Day with us by attending a live Hybrid (available in-person AND online) webinar on Tuesday, November 22 – Autism and Affordable Housing: Promoting Action by Sharing Lessons Learned. 

Learn from our housing team as they share the hard-won lessons they’ve learned in a decade of assisting autistics to find homes of their own. The presentation is designed to inspire attendees to take action in creating more and better housing opportunities for Autistic adults. Light refreshments and valuable connection and networking time will be available for in-person attendees.

For more information about this event and to register, click the button below that reads, “Autism and Affordable Housing Webinar.” This event is offered in partnership with AIDE Canada, when you click the button, you will be directed to their website to register.

Autism and Affordable Housing Webinar

If you have questions about housing you can contact the Sinneave Housing Specialist at  

About AIDE Canada

The Autism and/or Intellectual Disability Knowledge Exchange Network (AIDE Canada) is a tool to connect members of our community to the information and resources that they need. They deliver credible, reliable, and evidence-informed resources in an unbiased and accessible way. For more information about AIDE Canada, visit their website by clicking the words, AIDE CANADA.


Aide Canada Resource Highlight, Supported Housing Options

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