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What is #ExperienceAutism?

The #ExperienceAutism initiative has been developed by the Sinneave Family Foundation as part of our organization’s commitment to building community capacity.

We want to see autistic individuals live, learn, and work in their communities and this means coming alongside housing providers, employers and educators to help them create spaces where autistic individuals are empowered to thrive. #ExperienceAutism offers an innovative way to “bridge the knowledge gap” for members of the public who have limited experience with and/or understanding of autism, or simply wish to learn more about it.

#ExperienceAutism is a free-of-charge facilitated conversation designed to assist community members in seeing how autistic differences in perception and thought processing are actually strengths that provide unique perspectives and contributions, often leading to creative and innovative solutions. Our discussion is focused on providing members of the public with a better understanding of neurodiversity, while sharing easy-to-implement strategies that encourage collaboration through engagement and sharing information.


Why #ExperienceAutism? 

Many of the individuals who have participated in Sinneave programs, as well as feedback from autistic individuals across Canada, have told us that although they are very capable and have the skills to be successful, many employers, staff at post-secondary institutions, or housing support providers lack basic knowledge of autism and may often misinterpret or fail to understand the needs of autistics.

While we generally do a great job building skills with the individuals who come to us for our programs, when those individuals subsequently connect with community members, they find that those people aren’t necessarily equipped or prepared to support their diverse needs.

And so #ExperienceAutism was conceived.

This service is a proactive step employers, educators and landlords can take to learn key principles and strategies that will help to support all people, but especially those who are autistic as well as neurodivergent.


The Goal of #ExperienceAutism

The #ExperienceAutism discussion is specifically designed for members of the public who are interested in learning proactive strategies for developing collaborative and mutually beneficial connections with autistic adults. Our hope is that this simple discussion, facilitated by an autistic adult and a Sinneave staff member, will help to inspire greater understanding, acceptance, and valuing of autism and neurodiversity within our communities.

We are passionate about helping organizations develop ally-based actions that create and foster environments where everyone can thrive at:

  • Building relationships
  • Enhancing communication through collaboration
  • Identifying and implementing proactive strategies.

#ExperienceAutism discussions are coming soon!

For more information, you can visit our website here. To speak to one of our facilitators and to set up your own discussion, email us at info@sinneavefoundation.org.


Experience Autism, coming soon



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