The next Aspires meeting will be on September 5th from 7pm – 9pm at The Ability Hub.  The agenda for this meeting will include; a special presentation for a co-housing community for individuals with lower support needs, current and potential housing opportunities, feedback about the new Aspires website, and time for families to share their housing situations.

The Aspires meeting will be held at the Ability Hub, 3rd Floor, 3820- 24th Ave NW. Parking is available in lot 53, adjacent to this building. The parking code for this night only is 54748.

Parking Code Instructions:

  1. Press the Yellow button beneath the word Code on the display.
  2. Enter the parking code that you have been issued (54748)
  3. Press the check mark – the green button beside the yellow buttons.
  4. The machine will say Account Valid and prompt the customer to enter their license plate.
  5. Once the license plate has been entered, press the check mark.
  6. Press the yellow button below the word prepaid on the display screen.
  7. The ticket will print with the amount paid showing as: PREPAID
  8. Customer is to display ticket while parked in the lot.

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