On February 1, 2018 the Calgary Aspires Housing Committee (Aspires) met and welcomed guest speakers from the Calgary Housing Company (CHC). CHC is a housing assistance program provided through The City of Calgary in partnership with The Province of Alberta. CHC manages housing for almost 10,000 households within Calgary. Their support includes financial assistance and providing community program and resource connections. This company may be a great resource for Aspires families.

Other discussions at the meeting included future potential Housing opportunities for individuals, and a celebration that in the past three months several families have found successful living situations for their young adults. As Aspires continually grows its network of potential partners and organizations, new potential opportunities continue to come to our attention.

One more exciting update shared at the meeting was the new Aspires searchable database, accessible to Aspires families, where they can find other families with kids in similar situations to connect with. Aspires families can send updated information including a personality profile and support requirements to John for inclusion in the database. The meeting ended with a round table for families to share about their young adult, where they now live, and their vision for the future.

Aspires is excited about the opportunities and hope they are able to offer.

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