Registration for this fall’s Alliance event A Call to Action – Forming Provincial Working Groups is open!

We are grateful to the self-advocates, parents, caregivers, researchers, clinicians and other professionals who have graciously been volunteering their time to help plan this October 11th session at the beautiful Chateau Louis Hotel and Conference Centre in Edmonton.

Our master of ceremonies, Dr. Lonnie Zwaigenbaum will be welcoming numerous expert panelists like Dr. David Nicholas, Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary, Dr. Kimberley Ward, Executive Director, Society for Treatment of Autism, Barbara Potter, Chief Operating Officer, Sinneave Family Foundation and Adam Glendon, self-advocate to begin discussions on:

Theme 1: Complex Case Care

Presentation and discussion topic: Complex care in a complex system – Towards getting what is needed

Theme 2: Housing and Independent Living

Presentation and discussion topic: Who will take care of our kids – The realities, the options and the future.

Theme 3: Family Advocacy

Presentation and discussion topic: Empowering a collective voice – Building collaboration with stakeholders and government.

Theme 4: Self-Advocates Forum

Presentation and discussion topic: Engaging self-advocates – Opening the door.

Tickets are $25 each which includes the event registration and lunch. Individuals with Autism can register for free.

Click here  to register.

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