Many of us know that exercise is good for us (New Year’s Resolutions, anyone?). So then why does it seem so hard to do? Maybe you do not have access to a gym, maybe you do not know how to exercise effectively or maybe you cannot seem to motivate yourself to just do it! Well at Beast Mode all of the barriers to exercise have been removed. We enjoy professionally personalized fitness plans including cardiovascular and strength building exercises in a fun, inclusive and encouraging environment at the University of Calgary. The benefits of exercise go beyond the physical changes seen in strength, body composition, cardiovascular function and motor proficiency, but exercise has a great effect on our minds. Exercise can have help decrease feelings of irritability, anxiety and depression, and can help increase positive feelings including confidence, happiness and general well-being. We have already seen great improvements in exercise capacity and motivation in past four short weeks.

So, what is your excuse now?

The next session of Beast Mode will start in the spring. Please join if you want to enjoy the life-changing positive effects of exercise!

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