Our Board Games Group (BGG) for youth and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder has been a weekly highlight for both the players and volunteers over the past year. While the group may have come to an end for the 2018-2019 year, with a new session starting up again on September 5th, the players enjoyed a pizza party and reflected on what they like most about BGG:
“I just like getting out and hanging out with other people. It gives me the opportunity to socialize.” – M
“It’s something to look forward to each week. I like meeting new people.” – W
“I really enjoy playing games and eating food with my friends.” -D

Over the past year, the players have really grown together as a group. They have had to work on their flexibility through various social challenges; from overcoming friendly disagreements about which games to play, to minor clashes in personality. Members have been able to feel supported and welcome in an environment that allows them to practice their problem solving, emotion regulation, and communication skills while having fun and playing some of their favourite games together. Some of the group’s favourite games this year have been Uno, Apples to Apples, and Game of Things!
It has been really neat to watch the evolution of solid friendships that have continued outside of the group over the past year and we hope all of our members have a fantastic summer break! We look forward to seeing our continuing players again, and some new faces, in the Fall. – Katie and Natalia (BGG Facilitators)



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