A One of a Kind Cowboy, Shawn BelangerCalgary visual artist, Shawn Belanger, is challenging the “myths about autism” and proving that those who try to downplay and marginalize those with autism could not be more wrong:

Belanger is a primarily non-verbal autistic. From the time he was young, his parents Nancy and Greg were told their son was severely disabled, with “no special talents”, that he would “never have functional use of a pencil” and that he should be institutionalized.

Instead, his art work — which has been exhibited and celebrated at showings and in books with other disabled artists — will be displayed June 10 to July 1 at the Agora Gallery, which focuses on emerging artists and is often cited as one of New York’s best contemporary galleries.

Read more about Shawn’s art exhibition at the Agora Gallery in New York.

To view some of Shawn’s work that is being shown at the Agora Gallery, head over to the Agora Gallery website.


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