In honour of Father’s Day on Sunday, June 20th, we asked staff to reflect on what Father’s Day means to them. Some shared personal stories, and poems with us, or a quote that best represented how they felt. We hope that these messages help celebrate Fathers and Father-figures everywhere, and the unique relationships we share with them.


Quote 1:

“The day is about expressing appreciation for the Father and sometimes Grandfather. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to communicate the appreciation for what they do, with having Asperger’s. I will internally admire what my Father does and all he has managed to do. The day itself helps to focus on the appreciation and communicating it to them, and making more of an effort in reaching out to connect, as otherwise I am mostly in my own head and doing my own thing as usual. 

Beginning with wishing them a ‘happy Father’s Day’, I will ask if they would like to do anything in particular like an outing or activity. I sometimes buy him a small gift and complete an additional chore or two that he asks, likely clean up an area or perform more yard work beyond what is done regularly. 

For my Mother, when she celebrates Father’s Day, we would visit our grandparents and hang out on the patio with a light lunch and cold drinks, weather permitting and just chat. While this is still done in our household, there is even more informality about it. When I move out, I will follow this pattern, or make video calls if unable to visit in person. 

Father’s Day is about making a point to express appreciation for what they do for us personally and overall in their role as a Father. “


Quote 2:

“My Dad was a partner in a law firm.  One year, many from the firm were on a sailing trip off the coast of BC prior to my grade twelve graduation.  My Dad didn’t want to miss such an important event, so although he went on the sailing trip, he left early and flew home so he could be there for me.  Roughly 24 hours after he left, the sailing ship – full of lawyers that should have known better – slipped out of Canadian waters and caused an international incident.  Not only did Dad gain serious parenting points for his actions, he escaped a major headache!

Although I was lucky enough to have the best father in the world, he was known to be a little forgetful.  He either left me or forgot to pick me up from preschool, gymnastics, church, friends homes…….and more! He claims he was just trying to help me become more independent!

My Dad was always happy to welcome all of our friends into our home at any time. He was an amazing cook and always took in “strays” for family dinners.  My friends all thought him kind and generous.  Until they started joining us at the card table.  I remember one time in particular when my friend played an unfavourable card on my Dad and he swore at her.  She was absolutely shocked! He was a bit of a card shark.”


Quote 3:

“When I grew up my father was my hero, teacher, mentor, guidance councilor, and the source of endless amounts of love and affection. When I had my own children I took one step forward and became the father to them that mine had been to me. Fathers day is a recognition of all the gifts that a father brings to his family.”


Quote 4:

“Dads are great, Dad’s are fun!

Mine was especially great with puns!

They have your back, they hold your hand,

They help make castles in the sand.

Sometimes goofy, sometimes stern

They help you grow, they help you learn

And when the time come for you to part

You carry them forever in your heart.”


Quote 5:

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” — Jim Valvano


Quote 6:

For me, music has always connected me to my Father and Father-in-Law, with their countless air guitar concerts or steering wheel drum solos. Music has always connected us and for that I am thankful.

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