Members of the UofC are conducting a study to learn about the first-hand experiences of Chinese immigrants who have been diagnosed as autistic in Canada. The purpose is to better understand the perspectives of the immigrant community in Canada who have undergone a developmental disability diagnosis, as well as use the information to develop strategies and/or provide insight for professionals and clinicians who are considering diagnosing an autistic Chinese immigrant. This study is conducted entirely online.

To participate in this research project, you must:

  • Be aged 16 years or older, up to 35 years old.
  • Be an immigrant of Chinese descent who is now living in Canada.
  • Diagnosed as autistic, including Asperger syndrome, or are actively in the process of obtaining a formal diagnosis in Canada
  • Be verbally fluent and understand a sufficient level of English or Mandarin Chinese
  • Be able to provide informed consent.

Participation involves a short online demographic survey (in either English or Chinese), filling out online consent forms, and an online (Zoom) interview about your experiences of receiving an autism diagnosis. The interview should take about 1 hour of the participant’s time. All participants will receive a $25 gift card of their choice.

If you would like more information about the study or are interested in participating, please contact Cecilia (Cici/Qian Qian) Ye at

You can also view the research poster for this study by clicking the image below.


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