The CommunityWorks Canada pilot program at The Ability Hub wrapped up on July 29th, and thanks to our dedicated participants, peer mentors and community partners, the new program was a great success!

Participants in CommunityWorks were engaged in different types of community service experiences at a variety of local businesses and organizations. The programs helps teens start to think about work after graduation, and encourages community involvement. As we know, being engaged in community, just Works!

We would especially like to acknowledge our community partners who provided meaningful volunteer experiences and tasks for our participants: Goodwill; Calgary Reads; St Michaels Catholic Church; Calgary Lead Foundation; Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association; and the City of Calgary’s Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and P.U.P.P.Y Program.

CommunityWorks is currently gearing up for its fall and winter sessions, and registrations for future programs are ongoing. You can also become involved by donating your time as a peer mentor, or hosting our program volunteers at your local business. If you have questions about the program or how you can become involved, please contact The Ability Hub at 403-210-5000, or email us at

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