Corey Walker, Project Lead, for Success in the Workplace: Strategies from Autistic Employees Toolkit is presenting at Canadian Professional Human Resource (CPHR) British Columbia and Yukon, Diversity and Inclusion Symposium and Showcase on November 13th. He will be in a virtual Exhibitor Hall providing short presentations on the toolkit, which includes data from both a survey of autistic workers and a survey of inclusive employers.
SUCCESS IN THE WORKPLACE: Strategies from Autistic Employees Toolkit is a collection of resources that specifically meet the needs of autistic adults and the businesses that hire them. We are packing the toolkit with simple, innovative, autistic-approved tools that employers can use to support autistic employees, and help them achieve success in the workplace. An actually autistic author is writing the toolkit, and a team of autistic employees, employers and human resource professionals is reviewing the content to ensure its usefulness for employers. The first pieces of the toolkit are available online at We are making sure the entire toolkit is accessible for people using screen readers.
Visit to view and download the toolkit. We are gradually releasing toolkit content as it’s developed. Our three infographics are already live and the complete toolkit should be available online by the end of January.

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