The SnugVest looks just like a sleeveless jacket with a hoodie. However, it has a hand-pump that creates a squeezing effect that can have a calming effect for individuals with Autism. Dr. Sheila Mansell at The Ability Hub notes – “This is an interesting invention and it could be useful when used in conjunction with other techniques to assist with self regulation. My own experience is that these kinds of tools are rarely used in the long term and sometimes abandoned by caregivers or school personnel. The fact that it has a more typical appearance is helpful and could contribute to more consistent use. Occupational therapists use a variety of these types of tools and a sensory diet evaluation could more specifically clarify if it would be indicated for a particular child. It is not clear if this has been communicated about the product or if it has been found to be effective through research or if this is presented as a specific alternative to the weighted vest. This is a promising invention that may help people feel at peace in their skin and better regulated.” Learn more:

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