Did you know that during the month of October, business organizations, employers, and communities across Canada come together to promote and celebrate Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM)?

In our community, DEAM is championed by the Calgary Employment First Network (CEFN); a collective of local organizations which serve as community partners to local employers and assist with inclusive recruitment, on-boarding and other diversity related employment needs. The CEFN believes that a diverse workforce is a stronger and more engaged workforce.  They represent a large talent pool of candidates and provide employers with a single point of contact for diversity and inclusion resources in the area of disability. Throughout the month of October, the CEFN and its partners will be hosting a variety of community events celebrating the compelling success stories of employees with disabilities, and the inclusive organizations that hire them.

The CEFN welcomes your support and looks forward to working together with employers, organizations, and members of the community to ensure that Alberta is recognized as a leader of inclusive employment and effective change!

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