This course is designed to help adults with developmental disabilities lead heather lives. By using the Essential Skills framework and Adult Leaner principles, students focus on topics including healthy eating, fitness and personal health. Activities will include a trip to the grocery store with a dietician and a guest class speaker and a pharmacist, are included. 

Healthy Eating: In this unit you will learn how to make healthy food choices. You will go on a guided tour of a grocery store with a registered dietician and create personalized tools to help you keep on track.

Fitness: In this unit, you will try out a variety of activities with the help of a personal trainer and learn new activities such as Zumba, kick-boxing, spin and yoga. You will explore Canada’s Physical Activity Guide, discover a variety of physical activities and create personalized fitness tools to help you achieve your goals.

Personal Health: In this unit you will learn about important issues such as visits to the doctor, medications and potential health risks.

This class involves:
  • Participate in hands on learning activities
  • Go on an interactive tour of a grocery store with a Registered Dietician
  • Learn from a Pharmacist about medicine use and safety
  • Create personalized nutrition, fitness and health tools to help you achieve your goals and stay on track

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