Fix-A-Bike was a 3-week bike maintenance workshop offered to four Launch + Skills participants and the autism community in partnership between The Sinneave Family Foundation (Sinneave) and Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC). Over three consecutive Saturdays, the Launch + Skills participants, a family member and two Sinneave staff learned valuable skills to improve the performance, as well as the safety, of their bikes. The instructor, Luke, taught the group several new skills, including how to clean and lubricate the chain, adjust the breaks, adjust the gear shifters and derailleurs to make changing gears easier, and last but not least: changing a flat tire. Everyone got to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty working not only on their own bikes, but also helping others. While learning new skills, the group had many laughs as they shared memorable bike riding stories.  One of the participants commented, “It was so fun, I learned lots.  I wish the workshop was longer!”

Using a generous donation from the family of a former client, The Sinneave Family Foundation bought a new mountain bike from MEC and raffled it off to the participants on the last day. Charlie was the happy winner of the bike!

A shout out went to participants, Alex, Charlie, Jose, Kyle, and Tyler for coming out to the workshop, and to Luke for his wonderful instruction.  Sinneave staff also gave an enthusiastic “thank you!” to MEC for providing the space, tools, and instructor for such a great event.

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