Did you know that during the month of October, business organizations, employers, and communities across Canada come together to promote and celebrate DEAM – Disability Employment Awareness Month?  In Calgary, planning for DEAM is getting underway and is being championed by The Calgary Employment First Network (CEFN), a collective of local, publicly-funded organizations which serve as community partners to local employers and assist with inclusive recruitment, on-boarding and other diversity related employment needs.

People with disabilities experience disproportionate rates of unemployment and poverty.  The CEFN represents a large talent pool of candidates and provides employers with a single point of contact for Diversity and Inclusion resources in the area of disability.  They want to spread the important message that a strong workforce is one inclusive of the skills and talents of all individuals, including people with disabilities.  They believe that making inclusive employment a provincial priority and celebrating the successes of employees with disabilities in the workplace is of paramount importance.

Click on these links to learn more about DEAM, the CEFN – 2017 DEAM initiatives, or to find resources to promote employment #inclusion.

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