The landscape of post-secondary mental health is constantly changing. In the midst of this change, the root intention of the Healthy Campus Alberta (HCA) community of practice remains relevant – to build relationships with diverse groups and stakeholders across our post-secondary campuses to build collective capacity and create caring communities across the province of Alberta.

The Wellness Summit is an annual event for the HCA community to gather to learn, share and celebrate the work being done across the province to strengthen post-secondary mental health and wellness. We are excited to meet in-person to explore this year’s theme: Leading Change: It Starts with Us!

Rethinking Leadership

Change starts with the initiative of an individual or groups of individuals. When responding to several shifts and challenges in post-secondary mental health, it is important to recognize leadership as an agent for change. Leading change involves rethinking traditional notions of leadership by challenging the status quo and incorporating innovative approaches. How can we change our notions and priorities of leadership that address the current demands of our community? By embedding collaboration and diversity as core values.

Embracing Change

A shift in culture that embraces the ongoing process towards achieving caring campus communities is key in cultivating and sustaining capacity for change. Reframing change as an opportunity for growth helps motivate others to act. As we articulate a collective understanding of purpose and values at provincial and campus levels integral components to capacity building include, identifying individual and systemic barriers, engaging with various stakeholders, and incorporating action-oriented approaches.

Inspiring Community

It starts with ALL of us, a supportive campus environment requires the participation and commitment of diverse groups and stakeholders. By aspiring to collaborate together to transform campus culture, we find connection, inspiration, a diversity of knowledge and lived experience to guide us to action. An emphasis on increasing knowledge and relationships is essential for promoting social connectedness and wellness.

Through the Summit, attendees will:

  • Integrate new perspectives and experiences into diverse understandings of leadership.
  • Cultivate a growth mindset that encourages collaboration and sustainable practices to inspire systemic change.
  • Build provincial relationships that strengthen individual and collective capacity
  • Reflect on the foundational vision, values, and aspirations of the Healthy Campus Alberta Community of Practice.
  • Strengthen collective momentum towards caring campus communities.

Summit Travel Reimbursement Fund

HCA recognizes not all departments or campuses have access to funding for travel. In seeking ways to make the HCA Wellness Summit accessible, we have created the HCA Summit Travel Reimbursement Fund. Find more information on what is available, eligibility and how to apply here.

To Register:

For more event-related information, such as accommodations and transportation, and to purchase your registration, visit the Healthy Campus Alberta Wellness Summit website by clicking the button below that says, “HCA Information & Registration.”

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