The Sinneave Family Foundation (Sinneave) is committed to improving the transition to adulthood for individuals with autism.  Sinneave currently provides some support to housing committees through two Ambassadors from the Resource Centre at The Ability Hub, who are active in facilitating information exchange and collaboration between family groups, developers, support agencies and government to develop solutions to meet the variety of needs for vulnerable citizens.

Here is a quick look at the recent highlights of this work:

Henson Trust

A Henson Trust (or an ‘absolute discretionary trust’), in Canadian law, is a type of trust designed to benefit individuals with disabilities. It protects the assets (typically an inheritance) of the individual, as well as their right to collect government benefits and entitlements, such as AISH.

There is currently a private members bill working its way through the Alberta Legislature, sponsored by Brian Malkinson MLA, seeking to establish Henson Trusts in Alberta.

Community Supported Housing Project

March of Dimes Canada met with HomeSpace, a charitable real estate developer, rental housing owner and property manager in Calgary to explore alignment in a community supported housing project. Two members of the Aspires Housing Committee of Calgary (Aspires Calgary), have been selected by the architectural firm MODA to put together a feasibility and business plan. Pending the acceptance of this business plan, the process of developing the capital structure could begin.

Monarch House

Monarch House is offering our community Life skills coaching on a fee-for-services basis. This coaching will help individuals with autism, and their families, as they transition to independent living.


CBI is waiting for PDD accreditation to operate Respite and Transitional Housing; their goal is to have something operational by late 2017.

Intentional Community Consortium Roundtable, Calgary

On August 29th, Gary Gladstone of Reena Foundation in Toronto organized a housing round table at the Calgary Jewish Centre.  The event was co-hosted by Minister Kent Hehr and included about 50 of the major supportive housing providers in the city.

The Intentional Community Consortium is a group that currently includes 14 Toronto-area agencies. It is seeking support for the development of 15 affordable housing projects for mixed use across Ontario. They are looking for agencies from Alberta and B.C. to join the consortium. The purpose of the roundtable was to raise awareness of the intent to lobby the Federal Government for a commitment of 5% of the National Housing Strategy’s 11 billion dollars for housing for those with developmental disabilities.

Aspires Committee Potluck Picnic Held September 10

Aspires families got together on September 10 for a potluck picnic at Edworthy Park. This was our most successful social meeting yet!  Because the City Parks fire ban was still in place we chose a sandwich themed picnic menu.  Great food! However, the MAIN event turned out to be a Scavenger Hunt organized by one of our families.  People teamed up into 8 teams.  Instructions were poetically written in rhyming couplets.  Teams spread out around the park to find the clues.  Each team had come up with a team name and for the final challenge teams had to pen a four line poem about their experience.  Lots of fun!  Who knew we had so many extremely creative poets in our midst!

We may have to think about doing something like this for our next social event in November. In the meantime save the date, October 5th for the next Aspires business meeting.

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