The level of under-employment facing individuals with autism and their families is a significant and challenging issue. Last month we invited families to gather and discuss self-employment and social enterprise as potential employment options for their adult children with ASD.  Essentially, the meeting was intended to encourage parents to begin thinking about whether their sons’ or daughters’ areas of interest and skills could develop into a business.

Interested respondents joined the first social enterprise meeting held on April 14th at The Ability Hub.  The meeting was well attended primarily by parents and proudly one adult son with his father. The young man contributed meaningful context to the discussion by sharing the challenges he has faced in the workplace.

Some examples of social enterprise initiatives that individuals with ASD have launched were shown on video, and round table talks completed the meeting with opportunity for parents to talk about the struggles, challenges and hopes for the future for their adult children with ASD. 

Attendees were very enthusiastic about continuing the discussions, and there was consensus to meet again on May 26th 7:00pm in the conference room on the main floor of the Child Development Centre at 300, 3820 – 24 Avenue N.W. 

If you are interested in attending this meeting, please R.S.V.P. via email to Shirley Anderson at



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