Defining Inclusion for Sinneave

Inclusion Infusion at Sinneave

In the spirit of Disability Employment Awareness Month (#DEAM), we are excited to share information about Sinneave’s efforts to define what it means for us to be an accessible, diverse, and inclusive organization.

Why is this so important and why now?

We asked our President, Tanya McLeod, to share why this Inclusion Infusion initiative is so important to our organization.

Sinneave is striving to be a leading example of an inclusive employer, facility operator, community partner, and social innovator.

We embarked on this self-reflection for a number of reasons. First, we firmly believe that all organizations stand to benefit from workplace practices that promote accessibility, diversity and inclusion, as these practices support all employees. Second, as an organization committed to improving employment outcomes for autistic Canadians, we want to model inclusive employment and workplace practices. Third, we want to be able to share specific actions that we have taken at Sinneave to become more inclusive and what we have learned though the process. Finally, while Sinneave is a great place to work, we value continuous learning and improvement and we believe this in an area where we can grow.”

Sounds great, but how are you going to achieve such a lofty goal?

Great question…you’ll have to stay tuned to our website and social media (@sinneave) to find out! During DEAM, we will share updates on Inclusion Infusion at Sinneave. Our hope is that sharing our process and what we are learning will encourage other organizations to start their own inclusion efforts or share more about the great work they are already doing.

If you have a question or are interested in learning more about this initiative, please connect with Amy or Jillian or call (403)210-5000.

A note about language: There are varied preferences in the autism community regarding the use of language. Sinneave appreciates that language is personal and evolving. We aim to be inclusive and use language that represents a variety of perspectives.

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