On Monday October 23d, the Ambassadors from the Resource Centre toured the Indefinite Arts Centre on Fairmount Drive SE in Calgary.  What a pleasure it was to see the Centre in action! We witnessed many individuals fully engaged working with ceramics, drawing, painting and needlework. We also had the privilege of viewing the current exhibition, which is an amazing showcase for many of the artists involved at the Indefinite Arts Centre.

The Indefinite Arts Centre provides artistic training, creation and exhibition opportunities for people with developmental disabilities, 18 years and older.  Founded in 1975, it is one of the oldest disability arts organizations in the world.

In speaking with the Executive Director, Jung-Suk “JS” Ryu, “the Centre has touched the lives of thousands of individuals living with developmental disabilities by providing them with a canvas, a storyboard – a platform – to share their stories and their unique perspectives”.

The unique contributions and perspectives of artists living with disabilities creates a positive impact on our communities and on the contemporary arts world. The inclusion of their insightful ideas and art enriches our culture.

The indefinite Arts Centre, as well as offering artistic training, also provides exhibition opportunities in the contemporary arts scene, both locally and abroad by advocating for the inclusion of people living with disabilities.

You may see the artwork in their on-site Gallery, on-line at www.indefinitearts.com or in the community.  For more information regarding exhibitions, please contact Julie at 403-253-3174.

Program applicants must be 18 years and older and eligible to receive funding through the Calgary Region Community Board for Persons with Developmental Disabilities.  Applicants should be able to demonstrate a general interest in becoming involved in the creative process.

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