We would like to thank everyone who has donated to our iPad program over the past year or has shared information about our program with individuals in need. With your help and generosity we were able to provide 13 families with an iPad and the apps they needed this holiday season. 

These devices were received with excitement and are being used to enhance speech, education, arts and foster independence. The iPads have also helped to enrich relationships for children who struggle with communication and may have a hard time socializing with friends and family. Whether it be a quiet snuggle with grandpa while watching a movie, a moment of silence for mom or dad in a chaotic household, or an opportunity to make new friends in the classroom, iPads can help break down barriers. 

One of our iPad Bursary recipients expressed their appreciation:

“I can’t thank you enough for donating an iPad to J. J has not had exposure to any technology, including a computer, and is amazed by how much the iPad can help do. J is using the iPad to become more independent and loves our new friend SIRI. Best of all J is using the iPad as a tool for staying calm in stressful situations, which makes outings in the community so much more enjoyable for us both. Please thank our donor for us and let them know that we are forever grateful.”

Thank you again for your continued support – we accept monetary donations and pre-owned iPads and iPods throughout the year.

For more information about donating or applying to receive an iPad through the bursary program please contact Carmen Ragan  cragan@theabilityhub.org.

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