Launch + Skills Spotlight on Eric

“You have to motivate yourself.  No one is going to do that for you.  Motivation is power!”

Eric Jollimore has known about The Sinneave Family Foundation for years, and when a support worker suggested he look into the Launch + Skills Program the new opportunity for self-improvement peaked his interest. Eric joined Launch + Skills with the broad goals of gaining life skills and for the opportunity to develop expertise that would help him find employment.  Specifically, Eric wanted to learn how to schedule, develop his financial knowledge and skills, manage his anxiety during the wait times in his job search, meet other people and foster new friendships.

When he started in Launch + Skills, Eric didn’t really consider how it might provide opportunities to expand his social network, but it became one of his biggest successes in the program.  After High School, his best friend (who was an extravert) moved away, and Eric realized that he needed to overcome his shyness and learn to get more comfortable meeting new people. The Launch + Skills program has provided access to a network and support to build his confidence and develop his social skills.

“Having a good Skills Coach to work one on one with was helpful. The weekly cafés were a fun time, they gave me the opportunity to meet and learn more about other people. Video game night was my favorite, along with Hexagon Board Game cafés!”

Eric has done a recharge in the Launch + Skills program, and he plans to finish up his one on one skills coaching sessions at the end of the year.  He will attend the cafés whenever possible as a way to not only connect regularly and see his best friend, but to also be a source of encouragement for other Launch + Skills participants. Eric’s current focus is on finding either part or full-time employment to reach his goals of becoming an active member of the community and earning an income that will allow him to gain even more independence.

Some of the activities that Eric has worked on with his Skills Coach include exploring new places throughout the city where he could meet people and make new friends. The program has also helped Eric learn strategies to keep calm when under pressure, such as going to a job interview.

When asked what he brought to the program that has contributed to his success, Eric shared that he takes ownership over improving himself and was highly motivated to be engaged and work towards his goals.

“I am always willing to listen and to learn from the experiences of other people. I motivated myself to go out and to meet with my skills coach. I am also going out and doing fun things with other participants outside of the programs.”

Eric’s Skills Coach agreed that a significant key to Eric’s success has been his high level of motivation to engage with his peers, the community, and the program as a whole. Eric has shown throughout his time in Launch + Skills that he is keen to strengthen and broaden his skills. Eric’s calm but fun presence was a welcome addition to the weekly cafés.  He has been a positive role model, encouraging other participants to feel welcomed and enjoy the weekly cafés all the more.

A few other Launch + Skills reported successes that we want to give a shout-out to include:

  • Brandon was able to purchase new clothes for interviews and work and a new laptop with the Directors Award.
  • Morgan successfully passed her Bio 30-1 course.
  • Emma has started her program at MRU and she is enjoying it.
  • Daniel has begun his 3rd year at U of C.

We thank Eric and all who have shared their stories, and commend each Launch + Skills participant as they continue to make progress towards their individual goals.

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