This month’s Launch + Skills spotlight features Adrianna and her experience in the program:

Adrianna joined the Launch + Skills program last year looking to find a direction and some support for her employment and independent living journey.  

“I needed some support to achieve the goals that I had set; I did not feel like I could do it alone and I felt defeated. I thought it might be helpful to have someone to help me feel confident.”

Adrianna and her Skills Coach worked together to create an action plan for her goals. Adrianna was unsure about what kind of employment might be a good fit, and she wanted to learn more about what accommodations she might find useful after gaining employment.

“I wanted to improve my social skills in the workplace, as well as my interview skills and to learn how to advocate for myself. I also wanted to move out and live independently and wanted some support to plan for that.”

Over the past year, Adrianna has worked hard to challenge herself and to try new things. By working through her goals step by step she has been able to achieve all of the original goals, and more, that she set in the Launch + Skills program.

“A lot has changed for me. I did manage to get a job, I learned how to advocate for myself and learned how to work with my employer to meet my needs.  This allowed me to buy a new vehicle. I also moved out! I have my own place! It also allowed me to find out more about myself and what works for me and what does not.”

A huge contributor to Adrianna’s success has been her consistent motivation to grow as well as maintaining consistent coaching sessions. Adrianna has taken some big steps over the past year to reach her goals. It has been incredible to watch her continue to move forward, step by step. 

Adrianna had this advice for those who might be thinking about joining the Launch + Skills program:

“The Launch + Skills program is really helpful in sorting through that pile in your head and organizing what challenges you are facing and what you can do to overcome them one at a time. You’re not rushed, it’s going at your pace. It’s about you in the end, and your success. No judgement.”

“I enjoyed being able to talk to my Skills Coach and to have someone to support me through my journey. It was nice to have someone to work on my goals with me and who was involved in the process. It felt like learning how to ride a bike and having someone hold onto the handlebars until you’re ready to try by yourself.”

Adrianna has now graduated from the Launch + Skills program. She might consider school in the future, but would like to try exploring that by herself for now. We look forward to seeing where things go for Adrianna in the future.

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