Launch + Skills Spotlight on Ben – March 2020

“The Skills Coaches understand emotions well, which helped me with all of my goals to some degree.”

After hearing about the Launch + Skills Program from a previous participant, Ben Bradt made the decision to start in June of 2019.  His goals were to work towards building stronger and deeper connections within his current friends, and creating new social networks through the various opportunities available in the program. Ben has worked with his Skills Coach to help navigate some of the tougher social nuances and relationship dynamics that were confusing to him at one time. During his time in the program, he has demonstrated great strides in his ability to both make friends and maintain healthy relationships.

In addition to of all the work Ben is doing with his social life, he works full-time as a contracted coder for auticon and aspires to branch further into the tech industry. Ben has managed to balance work expectations, social relationships, and still goes out of his way to contact his Skills Coach in regards to new developments and helpful insights he has discovered along his journey.  Ben has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has been successful in all initiatives that he has put his mind to. We are so proud of you Ben!

Ben’s recommendation to others who may find themselves facing similar challenges?

“Join it! Launch + Skills is full of ‘nerds’ and the timing of cafés syncs up really well with the end of work on Monday.”  



We thank all who have shared their stories, and commend each Launch + Skills participant as they continue to make progress towards their individual goals.

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