Launch + Skills Spotlight on Brody – March 2021

Brody is a very ambitious individual with a true passion for the film industry. He joined the Launch + Skills program in 2019 to work on a wide variety of goals ranging from job and career exploration, to financial management and independent living skills. Although Brody is still currently active in the program, he’s already successfully completed 7 out of 11 of his initial goals, with the remaining goals well underway as he pursues his lifetime dream of being a director.

Brody contributes his early successes to the working relationship with his Skills Coach Cedric and striving with perseverance to keep going, even when he felt like little opportunity was developing. Brody’s most recent victory was landing a project to direct a promotional video for the Independent Resource Center here in Calgary.

In his downtime, Brody likes hanging with friends and family, or staying in and ordering Skip the Dishes with his girlfriend. For those considering Launch + Skills, Brody says:

“It’s a great program to check out if you are having struggles managing issues in your life. Skills Coaches are certainly here to help in any way they can.”

We want to wish Brody the best as he continues to move forward in his pursuit of being a film director and maybe we will see his name in the credits scrolling up at the end of a Hollywood blockbuster movie in the near future!

The Launch + Skills program is being offered through virtual options at this time and enrollment is on-going.  For more information about Launch + Skills, please email

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