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Launch + Skills Spotlight on Connor


Connor joined the Launch + Skills program in September of 2019. During that time he worked with his Skills Coach to improve his independent daily living skills around personal care and conversations with peers. In 2020 when services were moved to a virtual platform, Connor continued on with the program and decided this would be the best time to work on skills around time management as it would mainly be his responsibility with schooling online as well. Connor has put in a great deal of effort towards completing his goals. He meets with his Skills Coach twice a week for regular touch points and to ensure he is on the right path. Connor has managed to complete an entire semesters worth of Science well before the semester ends! He is now currently finishing up the school year with his last class and will return in the fall in order to receive his diploma – which we know he will achieve! Connor has demonstrated persistence and determination when it comes to completing his goals. He has worked collaboratively with his Skills Coach and has also learned self-advocacy in the process. We are so unbelievably proud of Connor and we know he will continue to do great things!


An interview with Connor:


How did you end up in the Launch + Skills program, what have you tried before and what were your goals coming into the program?
C: Time management, conversation skills, and learning advocacy skills.

What did you like about the program?
C: Being able to speak to someone that understands and can help with things.

How has being in Launch + Skills helped or supported you in achieving a goal(s) or milestone?
C: I got help getting organized and that helped me complete tasks faster.

Where are you at today and what’s next for you?
C: I am currently in high school and what’s next is to get my high school diploma.

Do you have any recommendations for others who might find themselves in similar circumstances?
C: Join L+S


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