Dana joined the Launch + Skills Program in 2020 at the height of the global pandemic and her passion for creating art of all kinds was apparent. Originally, Dana’s goals were to work on some independent living skills and career exploration, however, as time progressed in the program, Dana’s goals evolved. By her final meeting, Dana had completed 10 out of her 12 goals with one Major goal being to enroll and begin online classes at the Vancouver Animation School (VANAS) in the spring of 2021.
Dana contributes her success to having put in the effort herself, receiving good support, and continuing to take small steps in order to make progress. Dana says she definitely recommends Launch + Skills for those who need some help. “If you are feeling stuck and are not sure how you can make progress, keeping in touch with a skills coach can help you with making plans and following through. It has been very encouraging for me.”
We want to congratulate Dana on all the goals she has accomplished and wish her the best of luck as she continues with schooling to become an animator.
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