“Not all goals need a time limit, pace yourself and keep going!”

Drew joined the Launch + Skills program in October of 2019. He came into the program with a vision to improve his overall social communication, with a focus on conversational skills, and the additional goal of finding employment. Drew has made extraordinary strides towards achieving his goals. Over time, he practiced conversational skills and participated in mock conversations with his Skills Coach on 10 unfamiliar topics. Drew is now able to have a conversation with multiple people and display conversational reciprocity very well. This has improved his confidence and ability to navigate situations and interpersonal relationships across various aspects of his life.
Drew also worked diligently toward his Employment goal. He began with creating a resume and practiced interviews with his Skills Coach. Drew developed trust in his ability to apply to jobs using a professional resume that reflects his experience and education, and perform effectively in an interview. He successfully graduated from the Launch + Skills program in January, 2021, and he is currently working part-time as a graphic designer while also attending college full-time.
Thanks to Drew for sharing some of his successes—we are cheering him on as he continues to make progress towards his future goals.
The Launch + Skills program is being offered through virtual options and enrollment is on-going. For more information about Launch + Skills, please email info@sinneavefoundation.org.

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