Launch + Skills Spotlight on Gabe – October 2020

Gabe joined the Launch + Skills program in July of 2019. He entered the program with goals around continuing education and potentially developing social relationships with like-minded people.

“I enjoy the different types of interactions and speaking with the other participants and my Skills Coach.”

Gabe immediately jumped into the program ready to get started on finding the most suitable option for his high school upgrading and worked with his Skills Coach to reach out to appropriate entities for assistance. Gabe was also able to execute a personal goal of finding a different independent living situation, which he was able to accomplish though the Aspires group. He has participated in several social café events and has been able to communicate with other participants and his Skills Coach about his personal goals around creative writing.

“Being in this program has helped me with my creative process. Getting into MRU.”

Gabe is currently enrolled in high school upgrading through Mount Royal University and hopes to continue into a post-secondary degree. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Gabe and we could not be more proud of his growth!

Gabe wanted to offer some advice for others who might find themselves in similar circumstances:

“It’s a lot simpler to get into upgrading high-school courses than other people might think!”

The Launch + Skills program is being offered to the extent possible through virtual options at this time.  For more information about Launch + Skills, please email

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