Launch + Skills Spotlight on Lorien – August 2020

As I worked towards my goals, I inevitably failed at some things, but the environment was so supportive that I never felt like I couldn’t overcome my challenges”

Lorien joined the Launch + Skills program in November of 2019. She came into the program with the vision to develop her skills surrounding independent living and learning how to navigate the post-secondary pathways within Calgary.

“Sometimes even though you know you have the ability to achieve something, there is still a block. Applying for universities and figuring out what I wanted to study was one of those blocks for me. Having support and experienced eyes really helped me focus on who I wanted to become and what roads I could take to get there.”

In regards to her goals, Lorien has made exceptional strides in not only in being accepted to the University of Calgary, but Lorien was picked by the University to apply for the ASHA (Arts & Science Honours Academy) program due to her outstanding grades throughout High School, in which her grades allowed her to obtain a scholarship from the university. After learning of her acceptance into the program, Lorien learned how to independently research and pick her courses for the upcoming Fall 2020 semester.

“I am working and preparing for school, and in the fall I will begin university. It’s a bit intimidating, but I’m still excited!”

Through all the accomplishments, Lorien also illustrated her determination and zeal for her goals by starting a housekeeping business within her community and has not allowed the current job climate to affect her ability to creatively generate income. Lastly, Lorien has gone above and beyond in the hopes of becoming more independent and taking more ownership over her life by obtaining her Class 7 learners permit. Lorien maintains regular contact with her Skills Coach to ensure she has the supports in place whenever needed, to provide progress updates, and to obtain assistance with anything in relation to her accomplished goals as well as goals she is still working on.

Lorien wanted to offer some advice for others entering the Launch + Skills program:

Find resources and use them- don’t be held back by your expectations of how competent you should be, and accept the fact that everyone is learning. When you have a good support system, it makes you stronger.”

The Launch + Skills program is being offered to the extent possible through virtual options at this time.  For more information about Launch + Skills, please email

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