Launch + Skills Spotlight on Marin – December 2020

Marin joined the Launch + Skills program in September of 2019. She came into the program with the vision of developing her independent living skills through practice and development of household management skills and skills surrounding employment. In regards to her goals, Marin has made extraordinary strides. Not only has she learned the skills needed to do her laundry, but Marin has overcome sensory challenges while doing chores that dealt with the handling of liquids. Marin gradually exposed herself to more tasks and duties involving water.  She practiced, with the guidance of her Skills Coach and natural supports, and now is able to independently complete her own chores, equipping her with the skills to accomplish her goal to one day live independently. Being able to complete a full load of laundry and washing her own dishes is a huge accomplishment.

Marin maintains regular contact with her Skills Coach to provide progress updates and to obtain assistance with anything in relation to her accomplished goals as well as new goals she is working on.

The Launch + Skills program is being offered through virtual options at this time and enrollment is on-going. For more information about Launch + Skills, please email

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