Launch + Skills Spotlight on Michaela – February 2021

“Don’t forget to work hard but also have some fun when doing it.”

Michaela joined the Launch + Skills program in September of 2019, after completing Sinneave’s Excel Campus Prep program (watch for the soon to be released online version Autism Campus Prep).  Michaela came with goals in the areas of employment, professional communication, and post-secondary preparation.

“I have not tried any other types of programs but I am truly happy that I got to be in the Launch + Skills program.”

From the start of the program Michaela was ready to learn whatever skills necessary to meet her personal goals. She has demonstrated drive, passion, and care in all program challenges through timely communication and diligence in completing each task.

“I liked that I got to meet a lot of people and they were all so nice to talk to, once I got to know them a little. The program also helped me to learn new things about life and how the world works.”

Michaela started a job at the Little Somethin’ Café, however, since the start of the pandemic the café has been closed. This has not stopped Michaela from pursuing her dreams. She worked with her Skills Coach to gain more information on post-secondary options, and has taken advantage of resources around the community like the Calgary Public Library learning tool

“The program helped me to tryout new things and with that it help me to achieve my two of my goals.  I still have to work on one but that will help me to motivate myself to get that goal achieved!”

Michaela recently interviewed at a local café, opening this month, and utilized the skills she learned in the Launch + Skills program as well as in the EmploymentWorks program to land the job! During her time in the Launch + Skills program Michaela has maintained her position as a volunteer at her local community farmer’s market. She has also gone out of her way during the pandemic to start dog walking as a way to increase her income and keep her resume alive.

Michaela has not let anything or anyone hold her back from gaining the appropriate knowledge and skills to actualize her goals and we could not be any more proud of her!

“Today I am at a place where I have two goals achieved and one goal still getting worked out.  The goals that have been achieved will still be able to grow and I will become more professional and stronger than ever before. What’s next for me will be starting a new job and also starting to get to work more on my last goal.”

Keep up the hard work Michaela! We are all excited to see what amazing things you accomplish this year.

The Launch + Skills program is being offered through virtual options at this time and enrollment is on-going.  For more information about Launch + Skills, please email

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