“Launch + Skills helped me be more independent. It also helped me be more mature. It helped me identify what I should take more seriously in life.”

Nick entered Launch + Skills in the early days of the program with his family’s support, and recharged after his initial 12 sessions. Nick came to the program looking to build his independence with the big goal to live on his own in the future. Specifically, Nick was looking to build healthy eating habits by learning how to cook, work on transit training by getting out into the community and practicing, and develop his pre-employment skills including researching potential jobs that would link to his interest in animals.

“I started to want to live on my own and I needed help doing that, without being too dependent on my parents”

Nick’s approach was to take small steps towards living independently. His first goal was getting his eating and sleeping habits straight. Learning how to utilize transit was really important toward helping him achieve his other goals.

“I found that working on the small stuff helped build towards the big goals.”

Nick was a motivated participant, and kept his mind on his future and who he wants to be.  Nick asked for the support he needed and can now take transit and navigate the city independently. Nick can also cook a few meals for himself and is currently working on other household management skills such as organisational skills and cleaning. Through Launch + Skills Nick was also able to connect with an employment placement program, and he now works part-time at a doggy day care and is motivated to increase his hours to full-time.

“My employer has helped me with being more alert in a job scenario. My employer and coworkers are all very supportive”

It has been a pleasure to work with Nick as he constantly wants to improve himself and puts the hard work in. He has grown a lot as an adult over the last year or so and we cannot wait to see where life takes him.

To others who might find themselves in similar circumstances, Nick’s recommendation is to . . . “think about your future and do what you think is best for yourself”.

A few other Launch + Skills reported successes that we want to give a shout-out to include:

  • Remy has started the PEERS program
  • Jaden has started the PEERS program
  • Connor received fantastic results from his first semester at MRU

We thank all who have shared their stories, and commend each Launch + Skills participant as they continue to make progress towards their individual goals.

For more information about the Launch + Skills program, please contact us at 403-210-5000 or info@sinneavefoundation.org.


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