Launch + Skills Spotlight on Seth – May 2020

Seth came to the Launch + Skills program to build his post-secondary readiness skills and for support around selecting and applying for a post-secondary program. With the help of his skills coach, Seth was able to identify his skills, interests and future path for his post-secondary journey and beyond.

“My main end goal is to get into the animation industry. One of the major stepping-stones towards getting into Vancouver film school was to enroll at the Alberta University of the Arts. I wanted as many advantages as I could to support me on this journey, which led to join the Launch + Skills program”

Seth had to utilize many planning and scheduling skills to be able to meet deadlines for his portfolio. Seth had to book appointments with advisors, manage application dates, and develop and submit his letter of intent. With support, Seth was able to break down each step into more manageable size tasks.

“Working within this program, it felt a lot more-straight forward than if I had tried to do it alone. For me, I tend to find things a lot easier when the steps are clearly laid out, and this program helped me with that. There were some aspects that I needed some support on, but I took a lot of initiative to engage with the AU of A for advice on my portfolio and completed that independently.”

We want to commend Seth on his dedication and commitment to self-improvement. Seth was also fortunate to have the support of his family on his journey.

“My parents did help me with navigating the financial aspects of the application. They also encouraged me along the way and provided me with feedback on my portfolio”

Seth has now taken the first steps towards reaching his end goal of entering the animation industry. As a result of his hard work, determination and fantastic talent for drawing, Seth received some good news in regards to his application:

“Currently I have officially been accepted into AU of A, I am waiting for registration to open and then I will start in the fall of 2020.”

A sample from Seth’s portfolio

We are very excited for Seth and we’re very much looking forward to seeing him develop his talent throughout his post-secondary journey.

Seth wanted to offer some advice for others who were in a similar situation as he was before entering the Launch + Skills program:

“My best advice would be to keep the big picture in mind. You should always have an end goal in mind so that you do not get discouraged. Break down all the steps as much you need to accomplish your goals”

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