Launch + Skills Spotlight on Sydney – July 2020

Syd Cooks is a YouTube channel created in 2018 by one of our very own Launch +Skills participant Sydney C.

Sydney has always had a passion for cooking, ever since she was a little girl pretending to whip up meals with her toy foods in her play kitchen. It wasn’t until her family decided to try out the Keto lifestyle that Sydney created her YouTube channel to document their journey.

One of the aspects that Sydney likes most about cooking is that she gets to be creative and try new things, especially when she wants to leave out “gross veggies” and hot spices, or diversify her foods from neon grill cheese sandwiches to sprite pancakes. Now you might be thinking “where would one find such interesting recipes?” Well, Sydney has a knack for searching Google to find recipes with the ingredients she already has planned in her mind, and she will watch videos to get a base idea to make her own variations of dishes.

For the novice or beginner cook, all of this may seem a bit overwhelming, but Sydney’s advice is “for anyone learning to cook, pick a simple recipe and just try it. The more you cook, the better you will be to do something more advanced. You will also get better at knowing what goes together and what doesn’t to create your own unique recipes”.

Sydney is a great example of bringing imagination to reality, not only does she host her YouTube channel, Sydney will be attending SAIT Culinary Arts in the fall of 2020 to complete the Professional Cooking program and then work towards her Red Seal Certification.  If you are interested in wanting to learn a recipe then head over to Syd Cooks where you will find over 30+ videos for you to try out, and if you have questions Sydney is quick to respond to you.

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