Launch + Skills Spotlight on Evan Woolner – September 2019

“Launch + Skills has been a source of guidance above all else. Having someone who can point the way makes the road easier; you actually have to walk it to succeed, but you won’t be walking blind.” -EW

Evan Woolner is a recent graduate of Mount Royal University with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in History and a minor in Geography. Evan joined the Launch + Skills program in January of 2019 with a desire to develop independent living skills towards his goals of moving into his own apartment, building his social network and finding success in his career goals.

Evan came Launch + Skills looking for support around developing skills in meal planning and preparation, healthy eating, and grocery shopping. Evan was also interested in finding ways to expand his social network by researching a variety of social areas of interest that are available across Calgary.

In the short 6 months that Evan has been a part of the program he has completed and surpassed each of his goals with the support of a Skills Coach, the Transition Specialist led workshops, and social café’s. Through the Launch + Skills program Evan has made new friends via the regular cafés and has integrated these friends into groups of peers he already had. Evan has demonstrated leadership in taking responsibility for completing his goals and can be seen independently exchanging contact information with peers for future outings.

“I liked the opportunity to be able to connect with people who got it, both in the form of regular meetings with someone with actual training in the field and in my ability to socialize with other people who are operating on the same wavelength as me.”

Evan also made a diligent effort towards building skills required to manage a household, and because of this he has moved out of his parents’ house and is now living independently with a full-time job related to his field of study.

“Honestly, having a fire under me is a useful force for making me actually do things. So it’s been a big help when it comes to getting me cooking for myself and actually taking care of an apartment.”

Evan has shown consistency with his skills coaching sessions, and has been a guiding light for peers in workshops through his positive attitude and meaningful contributions. Evan leads by example in each facilitator-led discussion by speaking up on the topic at hand and encouraging his peers to do the same.  Excellent work Evan!

“What would I recommend to others?  There are resources out there, people who are genuinely willing to lend you a hand. This stuff doesn’t necessarily come easily to us, but there are ways of getting ahead in this life.”

It has been a great pleasure to have Evan in the Launch + Skills program and we are pleased that he has registered for a “recharge” to tackle a different set of goals. We look forward to continuing to work with him.

A few other Launch + Skills reported successes that we want to give a shout-out to include:

  • Victoria has instructed her own art course at the C-Space.
  • Ben is gaining more confidence with his social skills and has made several connections with peers through the café.
  • Gary has set up a website to sell his artwork through, and he has completed a summer art course at the Alberta University of the Arts.
  • Connor has been accepted into Mount Royal University for this fall.
  • Jerrith just completed his protect and preserve certifications as well as getting his bartenders license.

We commend all who have shared their stories, and each Launch + Skills participant as they continue to make progress towards their individual goals.

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