“I would say the most impactful thing has been working with my skills coach and re-framing how I make and maintain relationships with other people. I want to seek out what people can contribute to my life, and not so much what I can contribute to theirs. I’ve given a lot and never really expected much in return, but it’s time to find a balance for that and seek out mutual/ beneficial relationships. “ -VS

Victoria Stratkotter joined the Launch + Skills program in November of 2018 in hopes of being able to explore potential work experience opportunities and social/recreational interests. Through skills coaching sessions, workshops, cafés, personal commitment and drive, Victoria was able to complete her original goals quickly and set out new goals toward which to strive. Victoria is now focused on gaining more confidence in her ability to effectively advocate for herself.

Victoria has taken part in job sampling through our partnership with the Hyatt Regency Calgary to explore new interests and potential career goals. Victoria secured a part-time job at a dance studio and has shown dedication and perseverance as she learned new tasks and her responsibilities increased.

Victoria has made tremendous strides in not only her professional development, but also in creating social and recreational opportunities for herself. In the short time she has been in the Launch + Skills program she has managed to grow her social circle in ways that add meaning to her life.

  • Victoria has formed an independent social group with peers she has met through the Ability Hub. This group corresponds with each other at cafés and online in order to plan social outings such as going to arcades and movies. They are hoping to expand their network further and explore the city together.
  • Victoria has become a peer mentor at C-Space and is currently in the process of planning a workshop where she will teach a group about a different form of art.
  • Victoria has joined the planning committee for Otafest, an annual anime convention that brings the city together at the Telus Convention Centre in late May or early June.

Victoria will remain in with the Launch + Skills program as she continues to work on the new goals she has set for herself. We are so impressed by your effort and success. Way to go, Victoria!

Some other Launch + Skills successes we want to give a shout-out to include:

  • Charlie has found a summer job
  • Jasper has been accepted into the Culinary program at SAIT and is excited to start in the fall.
  • Brody has signed a lease and has moved out on his own.
  • Logan has officially graduated from high school, was accepted into Mount Royal University’s Transitional Vocational Program, and is seeking summer employment until he starts school in September.
  • Daniel is exploring his post-secondary options as he works over the summer in carpentry.
  • Jaden graduated High School and is looking forward to building his pre-employment skills

We congratulate all who shared their stories, and each participant as they continue to make progress towards their individual goals.

For more information about the Launch + Skills program, please contact us at 403-210-5000 or info@sinneavefoundation.org.

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