On January 25th the participants of the Launch + Skills program went to The Rec Room for an afternoon filled with laughter, video arcade games, and food. Many participants had never been to this venue before so those who had were encouraged to assist their peers. It was exciting to see everyone come together and enjoy themselves playing classic games in an interactive environment. Those individuals that did not want to play games were able to lounge with one another and get a bite to eat while cheering on their friends. Overall a total of 21 participants were present (split between two Café’s) and each person that spoke with their Skills Coach after the event stated that this is something they enjoyed as they were able to take something they are interested in and experience it with their friends.

Launch + Skills is an innovative new program created by The Sinneave Family Foundation in 2018. The program assists individuals with autism (aged 15 and older) to build the skills needed to enroll in post-secondary programs, obtain employment or live more independently.  Intake is on-going.  For more information, contact launch@sinneavefoundation.org or 403.210.5000

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