Launch+Skills Program

Launch+ Skills offers focused individualized support for up to one year, for individuals 15-25 years old who are on a path to independence including continued education, employment and/or living away from home in the future.  Features of the program include ongoing enrollment, individualized action plan development, 1:1 coaching sessions, flexibility in scheduling to work around other activities, workshops for participants and parents and café style meet ups.

The Launch +Skills weekly Café style meetups are typically held in the community, and are an opportunity for current and past participants to come together for progress updates and to socialize.  Here is a little insight to a recent cafe . .

On August 14th there was another great turn out to a previously favoured activity! Two very supportive teams cheered each other on and gave each other bowling tips throughout the café. For some participants this was their first time bowling ever, however their score at the end of the game was far from entry level. When asked for feedback, Participants stated that they really enjoyed the nights event and would really like to go back again sometime.

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