The Launch+Skills program proved to myself that I can indeed make friends in a much shorter time frame than I anticipated. By going to the weekly Cafes I found people with the same interests and sense of humor as me. It has made me feel happy and astounded knowing that I can find and keep friendships.” MH

Emerging adults (age 15+) in the Launch + Skills program work on building a variety of life skills towards goals in continuing education, employment and independent living.  Every participant is working hard at their personal goals and each is accomplishing great things!  What kind of skills are they developing?  This month’s spotlight is on Mac . . . here’s his story:

Mackenzie “Mac” Holder entered Launch+Skills with a desire to build his independent living skills to be able to move out in the future. Mac also had set goals around finding gainful employment and building and managing social relationships.

Since enrolling in the Launch+Skills program, Mac has found employment at the Calgary Saddledome, he has also created a vision for his future and has built and maintained multiple friendships fostered through the Launch+Skills weekly café.

Mac has shown incredible dedication and continual growth while in the program and we want to recognise him for all his hard work.

  • Mac is no longer receiving support around employment at the Saddledome. Support was faded out as Mac no longer required support. Coaching included on site support at the Saddledome and also pre-employment support.
  • Mac is almost halfway through his second term as a L+S participant but is hopeful that he will have acquired the skills needed to need less support as he grows his independence
  • Mac has moved friendships outside of the café and has met with friends in the community multiple times, this was supported by coaching around how to identify possible friends through sharing common interests and by practicing how to set up a “hang out” with friends. Also the café’s provided the opportunity to sample different possible locations and activities around the city for meeting with friends.

Mac will continue to grow his independent living skills and keep growing his employment skills and experiences. Mac will continue to be in L+S until he has finished his second round.

Well done Mac!

We congratulate all who shared their stories, and each participant as they continue to make progress towards their individual goals.

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