Emerging adults (age 15+) in the Launch + Skills program work on building a variety of life skills towards goals in continuing education, employment and independent living.  Every participant is working hard at their personal goals and each is accomplishing great things!  What kind of skills are they developing?  Let’s shine the spotlight on a few recent successes:

  • Theo has been accepted into both Mount Royal University and Bow Valley College for post-secondary studies.
  • Jessica, who has graduated from the Launch + Skills program, has completed her 4th year of university while working on a double degree, and she plans to do a study abroad program.
  • Chantel got a job with a major hotel chain and she is living independently in her own apartment.
  • Noah has secured employment, moved out of his family home, and he is flourishing.
  • Kelsie has applied to university and has started a job that directly relates to her career interests.
  • Natalie completed another year of post-secondary school, and with one year remaining she has secured a job that will be waiting for her when she graduates.
  • Garret has improved his GPA while establishing and maintaining meaningful regular social connections.
  • Jin has started volunteering regularly and has been able to identify the career path he wants to pursue after high school.

We congratulate all who shared their stories, and each participant as they continue to make progress towards their individual goals.

For more information about the Launch + Skills program, please contact us at 403-210-5000 or info@sinneavefoundation.org.

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